About us

Leader in mineral production, IMOSA belongs to the "Natural Resources" Business Unit of the French multinational Saint-Gobain.
Present in more than 68 countries, with 180,000 employees and more than 800 manufacturing sites, Saint-Gobain is one of the 100 largest industrial and innovative groups in the world and, with 350 years of history, is the leading company in lightweight and sustainable construction.

In the Business Unit, we have 5 mining operations: three gypsum mines in: Almeria, a potassium feldspar and silica sand mine in Segovia and a silica sand mine in Portugal.

Who we are


To guarantee our customers access to the mineral resources needed to manufacture their products, creating value and prosperity for them and ensuring responsible exploitation with the highest standards of sustainability and transforming mineral resources into the best wealth-generating solutions.


Saint-Gobain's purpose and our: "Making the world a better home" - Manifiesto
Our purpose sets the course for our common future. Together with and for our customers, we design, manufacture and distribute materials and solutions that have a positive impact on everyone’s life and provide well-being, quality of life and performance, while caring for the planet.

Quarry · Process

The production process is designed to guarantee the best product for our customers in the different markets, ensuring quality, homogeneity and the physical-chemical characteristics requested by the customer.

The reserves and the annual production capacity, which exceeds 500.000 tons per year, allow us to be a reliable partner for the future for our customers.

In constant innovation, IMOSA develops and invests in material and human resources to introduce our products in new applications, new geographical perimeters providing value and efficiency.

One of our differential advantages is the ability to develop new products in close collaboration with the customer.

Quality - Innovation


IMOSA has a laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment in its centre. in Guia Pombal (Portugal)

In our Quality Policy, the Laboratory’s main mission is to validate the quality of the product at all stages of the production process in order to control the key parameters.

Our Laboratory prepares, tests and certifies that the characteristics of the final product comply with the customer’s requirements on the basis of the load booklet.

To this end, all the necessary controls (chemistry, granulometry, etc.) are carried out on a daily basis in accordance with ISO 9001ISO 14001- ISO 45001. certifications.

In our spirit of innovation and collaboration with our customers, we offer the possibility of carrying out external tests in our laboratory.


We want to be present where and how our customers need us...

We currently trade in more than 20 countries from Imosa and Incusa plants and we supply by land/sea.
  • Overland: Bulk cistern /Citern- Big-bags
  • Sea : Bulk container/BB or Bulk Ship/BB
Mon to Fri -V 6-19h
** For special loads, confirm with the factory.

Work with us

Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that go unnoticed, because they work. This is the case of Saint-Gobain, a large business group that has been manufacturing and marketing hundreds of products in our environment for more than 350 years. We are leaders in the manufacture of flat glass, plaster, insulation, windscreens and windows for automobiles, abrasive products, mortars, piping, silica and feldspar, among other products.

We innovate, while advancing in sustainability and environmental protection, so that when you enjoy your home, open the window or a tap, drive your car or turn on the air conditioning, there is a bridge that makes our lives more comfortable, being at your side every day".


To do this, we need people, with training, enthusiasm and desire to grow professionally by our side... Do you join the challenge? Send us an email to emprego.imosa@saint-gobain.com