Areia síliciosa humida

Wet Silica Sand

Imosa has been exploiting for more than 25 years a silica sand quarry in Portugal, one of the most abundant minerals in the world.

Due to its high silica content, low iron content and chemical homogeneity, it is a highly valued raw material in the glass sector and other industrial applications: filtration, construction.

Competitive Advantages

· Homogeneity and purity
· Grain sphericity
· High SiO2 content
· Low iron level
· Controlled granulometries lower than 600 microns
· Experience for the development of new references

Why choose us?

· Worldwide reference for more than 25 years
· High level of quality
· Security in supply
· Commitment to sustainable development
· Optimized land/sea logistics
· Innovation in collaboration with the customer

Innovating, while advancing sustainability and environmental protection