Due to the physical characteristics of the sand, its use is ideal for Cinstruction material as the manufacture of concrete and precast concrete:

· Precast Concrete
· GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete
· UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete)
· Self-compacting concrete
· Exposed concrete (fine finish)
· Pumped concrete
· Self-leveling mortars
· 3D printing
· Corrective sand

Competitive Advantages

· Excellent rheology (fluidity)
· Grain sphericity
· Sand equivalent 95-99%
· Mohs hardness 7
· Size up to 1 mm

Why choose us?

· Worldwide reference for more than 25 years
· High level of quality
· Security in supply
· Commitment to sustainable development
· Optimized land/sea logistics
· Innovation in collaboration with the customer


Innovating, while advancing sustainability and environmental protection

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